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  • Fabrizio Capobianco

    Fabrizio Capobianco

  • Jeff Slack

    Jeff Slack

    EVP Business Development
  • Leandro Agrò

    Leandro Agrò

    VP Products
  • Michele Zonca

    Michele Zonca

  • Emanuela Zaccone

    Emanuela Zaccone

    Social Media Strategist
  • Emilio Pavia

    Emilio Pavia

    Lead iOS Developer
  • Dan Ardelean

    Dan Ardelean

    Lead Windows Developer
  • Carlo Pelliccia

    Carlo Pelliccia

    Lead Android Developer
  • Gianluca Divisi

    Gianluca Divisi

    Art Director
  • Matteo Balocco

    Matteo Balocco

    Web/UX Designer
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