Talk to your friends

Invite up to 4 friends and talk with them while watching TV.

Make noise

Unleash your emotions by playing custom sounds on your friends’ devices

Take a social selfie

Take a selfie with the background of the game and share it with your friends

And a lot more...

Social Selfies taken so far...


And counting...

Are you a developer of sport apps? No problem.

We have a powerful SDK to set you seamlessly up’n’running with our social features in a breeze!*

* TOK.tv SDK is currently available to a limited set of partners. Read the Social Button launch Press Release

No more distractions.
It’s just you, your friends and your passion!


January 15, 2015
From your couch to the Juventus Stadium: take a Social Selfie and join Juve on the pitch!
Written by Emanuela Zaccone
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October 31, 2014
300.000 emotions in pictures: time to add yours too!
Written by Emanuela Zaccone
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October 08, 2014
TOK.tv releases ‘Social Button’, an SDK that makes all sport apps social
Written by Matteo Balocco
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September 24, 2014
Say welcome to Jeff Slack, our new Executive Vice President
Written by Emanuela Zaccone
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September 17, 2014
#JuveMalmoe: that’s how true fans lived it on Juventus Live
Written by Emanuela Zaccone
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August 31, 2014
It is a world record! 10.000 Social Selfies in one day
Written by Emanuela Zaccone
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  • What is TOK.tv?

    TOK.tv is the Social TV company that allows friends to TALK while watching TV. In short, we make TV social (again).

  • What is Juventus Live?

    Juventus Live is the official mobile app of Juventus F.C. (yes, the best football club in the world). The free iOS and Android apps allow fans to TALK (voice, no text!) while watching a game on TV together. Even if they live afar. They include news, stats and more. So you can keep track of Juve, even when there is no game live.


  • Who are the people behind TOK.tv?

    TOK.tv was born the day our CEO decided it was time to make TV social again. Fabrizio likes pretty much every sport and spends a great deal of his life watching it on TV (finally, not alone). He was tired of watching sports alone with his dog Bobby.


The good-looking people behind TOK.tv

  • Fabrizio Capobianco

    Fabrizio Capobianco

  • Fabrizio Capobianco

    Jeff Slack

    Executive Vice President
  • Leandro Agrò

    Leandro Agrò

    VP Products
  • Michele Zonca

    Michele Zonca

  • Emanuela Zaccone

    Emanuela Zaccone

    Social Media Strategist
  • Emilio Pavia

    Emilio Pavia

    Lead iOS Developer
  • Carlo Pelliccia

    Carlo Pelliccia

    Lead Android Developer
  • Gianluca Divisi

    Gianluca Divisi

    Art Director
  • Matteo Balocco

    Matteo Balocco

    Web/UX Designer
  • Headquarters

    101 University Ave, Suite 320
    Palo Alto CA
    94301 USA
  • UK Office

    41 Collingham Place
    London SW5 0QF
    United Kingdom
  • Italy Office

    Via Cuzio 42
    27100 Pavia



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