As sport fans, we want to watch games on TV with our friends but often we live far away or are too busy to meet up. Screaming for a home run or cursing to the referee for a bad call by yourself? Let’s be honest, it’s a bit sad.

We want to change that.

We want people to rediscover the fun of experiencing sports on TV together. We want to give friends and families the opportunity to TALK, scream, curse to the referee and laugh as if they would if they were in the same living room or at the ballpark, while getting the benefits of a “second” screen through real-time stats.

We want TV to be social again.

We believe our technology adds something new and critically important to the same ol’ TV: social intelligence. We give TV Networks the opportunity to engage more with their viewers and to monetize in new and different ways.

We don’t replace a TV. We are the perfect social companion, enriching the experience through the possibility to TALK while watching TV.

That’s why we created

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