And the winner is TOK for Oscars: the Academy Awards and Second Screen

Written on 05 March 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

You know I have always been objective, trying to hide my enthusiasm for this team or another when talking about TOK Baseball and TOK Football.

But this time I have to admit it: Oscars are not only about movies and directions and costumes…they are, above all, about stars style and jokes and red carpet.
How do I know that? Years and years of live comments. I started with phone, then was chat, Skype and finally TOK for Oscars.

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I had a lot of different living rooms during Oscars night and just inside few of them we talked about movies quality or journalist choices.
Especially with my friends (not only female friends as you may think) we talked about shoes, make up, dresses.

It was the classic experience: after downloading the app from the App Store, I was able to  invite my  friends to join me on the couch by sending them an email or through Facebook.

Watching and talking – not writing – have never been so important to me for a true second screen experience which would fit that particular event.
By the way, having my TOK for Oscars app open let me and my friends be able to always be aware of nominees, thanks to the HTML embedding in TOK for Oscars app. The content was indeed loaded directly from a web site. I had the entire IMDB database at my disposal.

TOK for Oscars has in fact been our first step towards as a platform, allowing producers to create content synced to TV events and shows, and users to talk while they watch. We are working to open the platform to third-parties soon.

And we were really curious about the results of this first experiment.

Before the ceremony started, we asked our users a few questions about the “social experience” around the Oscars. Here is what they answered (thanks to Pick1 for their platform!):




It doesn’t matter if you love action movies, sparkling dresses or animated feature films: the Academy Awards are a Social (TV) event. People love to watch them with friends (I am one of them), no matter where they live. As Chuck Parker wrote about TOK for Oscars, our app was “great if you were watching the event physically alone or with only a few people, trying to connect to a friend elsewhere”.

And numbers proved that to us.

We recorded almost four times the active users we had on TOK Football for the Super Bowl, and the data on Twitter are interesting too, demonstrating that the Oscars were an incredible second screen event.

Moreover, you loved the sounds available on TOK for Oscars carousel…especially our brand new “And the winner is”, a classic from Oscars night and that you use almost 300 times during the Academy Awards.


On our side we keep working both on TOK Baseball/Football-like approach – with dedicated UI and real time statistics for the app – and on this new platform-like apps.

Above all, we do not want you to watch TV alone.

So far, it looks like we have been one of your favorite Social TV companion.
We did not win an oscar but for sure we are among the nominees of your entertainment choice.

...and now for the release of next app: TOK Baseball is coming back again! ;-)

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