Discovering #JuventusLive: create a virtual living room

Written on 12 September 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

Last week we found out how to register to our app and you hopefully spent some time reading Juventus news (good way to spend your time!). Let’s make it more Social now.

When creating our apps, we wanted to give TV its true Social side back.
Any sport lover knows that distraction can ruin a game and, with soccer, this is even more true. A replay is not as thrilling as a live action.

Sometimes, though, you are alone on your couch and you really would love to scream with your friends when your team scores a goal or share the anxiety before kicking a penalty.
But you can’t. You can just stay alone or write what you think on Social Media.
Oops, too late: your favorite player scored a goal while you were typing. And you missed it.

Do you see the point?

Watching TV with friends, on the couch, is a natural experience.
Here is how you can recreate it with Juventus Live.

“Come over, it’s time for the game!”

Once you log into the app, you are able to invite up to three friends in your virtual living room.
Just tap on the “+” button near your avatar at the bottom of the app and invite friends that are using the app already.
If your friends are not yet registered to, you have to invite them first via email or address book (select "Invite your friends" in the app menu. Open it by clicking on the three lines button in the top right corner if you use an iPad or in the top left corner if you are on the iPhone one).
They will receive an invitation to join your virtual living room.
Unfortunately, any virtual room participant has to grab a beer on its own.



Now that you are all in the same room just do the most natural thing you would do if at home together: talk.
Everybody loves to trash talk about a game...

We also made a step further, adding a sound carousel to make noise: discover all of them (included original Juventus Stadium chants!).

“Unbelievable: best game of the season ever!”

You’re right. Some emotions deserve to be remembered. And shared.
Tap on the Social Photo button to take a picture of you and your friends in the virtual living room.
You can find above the match score during a chat (or in the left menu on the iPhone if you are alone).
Strike a pose and 3…2…1…click!
Now you can share your Social Photo on Facebook and never forget the emotions of this game.


Disclaimer: due to the envy aroused by your living room, you could receive a lot of invitations by your friends who saw the Social Photo.
Be patient: everybody should have the opportunity to try the TOK Experience ;-)

Any doubt? Write us at or reach us on FacebookTwitter or G+.

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