From #secondscreen to #secondscream: the #TOKExperience

Written on 11 January 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

Last Friday we launched TOK Football, our second voice enabled second screen iPad app after TOK Baseball.

TOK Football_4

This week has been quite busy: the combination of both CES and the NFL playoffs attracted the attention of most of the people interested in tech and sports.

CES confirmed the importance of second screen, and a research – published and discussed by 2nd Screen Society during the event – stated that while today we have a $490 million market, it is expected to reach $5.9 billion by 2017. Not bad, right?

#SecondScreen seems to be a stronger word than #SocialTV: try to search for both hashtags on Twitter and you will see that he first one is more used.


Maybe because the general idea of Social TV is going to be even more identified with second screen apps and practices. As a matter of fact, people love to use tablets and smartphones while watching TV, and the trend is not expected to change.

According to what we heard from CES, even Facebook is trying to be back in the game. Maybe the company realized they are better at creating long-lasting relationships with TV shows fan, rather than for real time commenting activity, which represents the kingdom of Twitter.

TOK Football is at the center of this revolution, with its own particular way: using voice to connect people, giving them back the social viewing experience.

Last weekend we saw the amount of friends in triple, thanks to the virality of invites through our new Facebook invitation feature. With the divisional playoffs this weekend, all the new users will have the chance to try the #TOKExperience: no matter if you are home alone or with friends, TOK Football is your Social TV companion (we are starting to see party-to-party chats as well!).

Talk while you watch, share your voice, invite your friends on your couch and make some noise.

This is not just second screen, this is second scream.

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