How the Juventus Selfie contest led sport and Social TV to a brand new level

Written on 10 February 2015
By: Emanuela Zaccone

Users Social activities related to TV are proved to be focused on searches, comments and reactions to what users are viewing.
As second screeners, we (want to) add a personal dimension to what is happening on the screen, searching for an involvement led mainly by our emotions.

We know that sport is a powerful trigger in this sense: according to Canvs, for example, one fourth of all Super Bowl tweets were emotional reactions; moreover, World Cup fans activities on Social Media during Brazil 2014 widely demonstrated it.
So, how can these emotions be turned into a successful second screen strategy?
Juventus FC found a way.

After launching the app Juventus Live, a voice social hub to let all bianconeri fans around the world cheer together, the Italian team - which counts almost 16.5M fans on Facebook a massive Social presence, among the other channels, on Twitter and Instagram - pushed its social experience even further.

First, the app brought the Juventus world in its supporters hands with news, the possibility to call far away friends, send Juventus Stadium Chants and take Social Selfies during the games.
Living a match with friends can be great, making it unforgettable by taking a picture during the best moments of the match can make it even more enjoyable, especially if friends are far away.

How Juventus Selfie contest led sport and social TV to a brand new level

Then, what if the photo become part of the game?

From January 14th to February 2nd Juventus gave the possibility to all its Juventus Live users to take a Social Selfie and submit it for the #JuveSelfie Contest.
Once approved, the pictures were all published on a dedicated tab on Juventus Facebook page and on the Facebook page of the Contest and ranked based on the engagement generated.
The prize? Being featured on the LEDs pitchside during one of the most important match of the season, Juventus - Milan, on February 7th.

All the numbers in this video:

How Juventus Selfie contest led sport and social TV to a brand new level

How Juventus Selfie contest led sport and social TV to a brand new level
How Juventus Selfie contest led sport and social TV to a brand new level

On a second screen perspective, the Juventus Selfie Contest is an interesting Social experiment.
The team was indeed able to re-distribute value to its supporters and, on the other side, it brought a second screen experience back to the first one, making users become literally part of the game.

Plus, it did it all taking advantage of one of the most important cultural trends: selfies.

Bringing a second screen experience to life opens brand new possibilities to create valuable contents that can lead to a true convergence between TV and users.
I am sure sport can lead social TV to a brand new level.
Game on then.

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