How to follow the #WorldCup with your friends on the second screen

Written on 11 June 2014
By: Emanuela Zaccone

During South Africa 2010, we were watching the games in front of our TVs, thinking about our friends abroad. was not even born.

Brasil 2014 is our first second-screen-enhanced World Cup: today we are launching a lot of new apps to follow the World Cup with your friends.


We started to work on our company the year after the last World Cup, and launched our first app – TOK Baseball – in October 2012. Since then, we explored other sports and events with TOK Football and TOK for Oscars, both launched at the beginning of 2013.

Then it was time to go bigger. Therefore, in August 2013 we launched the Juventus official app, Juventus Live, available on iOS and – for the first time in our company’s life – on Android too.

It changed bianconeri fans’ experience of the Juve games.

What did we discover? That soccer fans really love talking to their friends, taking pics and reading stats.

- has been used by almost half a million users

- Juventus fans played more than 2.5M sounds stadium chants from the sound carousel

- Our users took almost 100.000 Social Selfies and shared them on Facebook and Twitter

In particular, they loved the “Special Photo” we launched to celebrate Juventus’ victory of the Italian championship (take a look at our album on Facebook!)

Juventus Live proved to be the perfect TV companion to a great season. Now it is time to spread the TOK Experience to the entire world.

That’s why we are launching a set of World Cup apps to talk to your friends while watching the World Cup on TV.

Starting today you can download:

An event that comes every four years deserves to be lived with your best friends.

Start inviting them today to your couch and create your virtual living room, enjoy the games and support your team!
Moreover you can read news and stats and share your love for your national team with the Social Selfie feature.


Brazil 2014 comes to your couch: are you ready to live the World Cup in a completely new way?

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