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sports alone allows millions of fans to talk to their friends, while watching a game on TV.

It empowers teams and brands to talk to the fans, and monetize the game experience. is the #1 social network in sports.

The #1 sports social network


USERS... and counting!

Brand the TV experience

Reach a captive audience of loyal fans with advertising features.

Precisely target relevant ads for perfect placement and maximum effectiveness.

With, TV becomes clickable.

Friends talk while watching TV is the communication platform to share the experience of watching TV together.

With calls, videos and messages, fans can share the emotion, even when they are far apart.

Sounds make TV come alive

Fans can feel the energy of a stadium at their fingertips.

With custom sound carousel fans can make noise with friends while watching TV. Smart Highlights transform the video experience

Experience the best sports moments with’s smart highlights.

Use the video player to view exciting game moments and enjoy the smart highlights for a unique, on-demand viewing experience.

Social Selfies make TV unforgettable enables the experience of sharing and watching sports together.

Fans can take Social Selfies and share them on Social Media to make their best moments live forever.

Tokie the chatbot knows it all

The witty pal who knows everything about TV is here.

Who feels alone with a pocket-sized friend always there? Ask Tokie; he certainly knows the answer!

Virtual Fan Clubs follow fans along

Wherever fans go, there will be a Virtual Fan Club waiting for them.

Thanks to geo-location, a Virtual Fan Club lets them meet, talk, and watch sports together with local fans, virtually.

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