New year’s resolution: make TV even more Social. Again

Written on 03 January 2014
By: Emanuela Zaccone

2013 was a great year to

We started working on in 2011 and launched a first test with TOK Baseball 1.0 in 2012, but 2013 was the year we started rolling out real products to a lot of users.

First, we started with another test. TOK Football was launched just before the Super Bowl, in January 2013.
That night, during the blackout, we saw a sparkle of light…well, sort of. It was more like an email, from Juventus FC, one of the greatest soccer team in the world and the reason why the idea of apps was born (here is the full story). They were asking us whether we were interested to skin for the “bianconeri” official app. It is one of those signs, which gives you the feeling you are on the right path.

At the end of February, we launched our last test: TOK for Oscars. It was more than just a not-sport-related experiment. It was the demonstration that could work as a platform for third party platform, opening the way to the future release of our SDK.

In April, we launched TOK Baseball 2.0. No more tests, just a lot of users. apps make TV social again and everybody deserves to show his/her love for sport, but how? We empowered TOK Baseball 2.0 with the Social Photo feature that let people take a photo of all the participants in the virtual living room and share it on Facebook. was then officially included in the social TV ecosystem.

Social TV Ecosystem 2013

Because of our early success, we have also been featured on Mashable, NBC, CNN, VentureBeat and CNet among others.

But all of this was nothing, compared to the launch of Juventus Live.

It was released at the end of August, when the Italian soccer championship kicked off.
During the first weekend we reached 100.000 downloads.

82.7% of our users return on a regular basis, while we count 10.000 daily logins on average.
Our users first talk lasts for 5 minutes (a phone call?), then they talk longer and longer, an average of 35 minutes during their seventh talk (a real couch conversation).

TOK Baseball was also enlisted among the top 10 apps in Sport category on the Apple App Store.

By the end of September 2013, people took more than 25.000 Social Photos.

Juventus Live

At that point, our attention shifted towards monetization. We are big believers in the power of synchronizing TV advertising with the second screen. We call it the Holy Grail of Advertising.
So we enhanced TOK Baseball with synced advertising, reaching a 11% conversions rate.

What’s next then?

It is time for Android.
Google’s mobile OS has gained a greater importance and we are close to release our first Android.

Juventus Live for Android

What’s coming up next, again?
Soccer, soccer and more soccer. 2014 is going to be a very special year for soccer. The World Cup is coming up in June, and we are definitely not going to miss it. Stay tuned, Brazil is going to be fun!

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