Road to #SuperBowl: why you should use #TOKFootball tonight

Written on 02 February 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

Maybe you are lucky and you are in New Orleans at the moment. Or you invited friends at home for tonight's game.
Or you are home alone or far away from people you would have loved to watch the Super Bowl with.
TOK Football is the answer. And this is what articles and blog posts underlined about our app: we are your Social TV companion.

On Yahoo! Victor Paul Alvarez wrote: "It’s a sad truth that some of us will watch the game alone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be involved with our friends. The TOK Football app is free on the iPad and lets you talk to up to four friends while seeing real-time stats and game news".


As stated by Dara Kerr who included our app among CNET's top ones to follow the Super Bowl, it "is for those people who aren't going to any parties to view the Super Bowl but still want to talk game with friends".
Indeed, "watching the game by your lonesome doesn't have to be lonely" wrote Breeanna Hare on CNN's 5 tech tips for enjoying the Super Bowl.


TOK Football is easy to set up and ready to be used. Tom Cheredar from VentureBeat explained that "it’s basically a Google Hangout that’s devoted to live sporting events".

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We have been featured on NBC Bay Area too as the must-have app for all football fans.


We are ready for tonight's game and we want you to be too. Are you with us?

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