TOK Baseball: bottom of the first

Written on 16 April 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

It looks like a long time since we threw our first pitch with the beginning  of the MLB 2013 season and the launch of the updated version of TOK Baseball. It was March 31st.

App Store RankingDuring this time, we reached the 13th position in the App Store for Social Networking Category simply giving you the possibility to shout home run with friends, even if they live far away.

As Devindra Hardawar wrote on Venture Beat  “the TOK Baseball app basically functions like an evolved scoreboard, allowing you to easily keep track of everything happening during a game. The voice functionality serves as a passive way to stay in touch with your friends — you don’t have to be distracted by typing in text, or remember to submit a new post”.

We just ask you to have fun and keep loving watching baseball with friends: second screen is indeed still considered an interesting trend, as emerged from NAB 2013 and especially from 2nd Screen Sunday panels hosted by 2nd Screen Society.

With our CEO - Fabrizio Capobianco – we took part of the discussion in the panel “2nd Screen and Live Sports: Extra content, stats, camera angles and commerce” lead by Alan Wolk from Social TV Summit.

Talking about Fabrizio, you should listen to the podcast of legendary Marty Lurie’s KNBR 680 program dedicated to the San Francisco Giants pre-game. Capobianco was his host on Saturday April 6th: click here if you missed him!

Really exciting! And this is just the beginning.

If you haven't done it yet, enjoy the TOK Experience and learn how TOK Baseball works:

Last but not least we are hiring! We have opened a position for a Java Back-end Developer in Italy: find all the details here.


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