TOK Baseball: our first week

Written on 25 October 2012
By: Emanuela Zaccone

One week has passed since we launched TOK Baseball on October 18th: what happened during these days?

Well, the Tigers beat the Yankees and so did the Giants with the Cardinals. Detroit and San Francisco are now competitors on the road to World Series.
Ballparks are full of supporters while baseball fever increases.

What about people who can't be there or who love watching sport at home? That's our spot.

With TOK Baseball they can talk while watching the game even if their friends are not in the same room. And this is what a lot of users actually did during this week's games.

Along with the downloads and the use of the iPad app, arrived the first comments on it too.
Someone reviewed our app on the iTunes store page, underlining the "Social companion" characteristic of our app*:

Our app has also been featured on Mashable. Sam Laird - the author of the article - perfectly focused our main characteristics:

Here’s how TOK Baseball [App Store link] works — or rather, how it doesn’t: unlike most second-screen apps for sports, you don’t simply get live updates while exchanging text-based messages with friends or consuming tweeted commentary from the world at large. Instead, TOK Baseball uses second-screen technology for what’s in some ways a more traditional experience.


According to Phil Hornshaw from Appolicious, TOK Baseball is cool because

You and up to three other people can join up in a virtual space to watch baseball together, which is kind of a cool thing on its own. TOK Baseball handles the social part, and it also gets the baseball right by making information such as stats and lineups available in real time as you’re watching.


Yesterday our CEO - Fabrizio Capobianco - wrote that TOK is his next big thing. And told how the idea of was born:

I am a huge sports fan. During the weekend, my schedule is CEO-style: soccer, baseball, football, Formula One, MotoGP. I like them all. I spend hours in front of the TV, always watching it alone (actually, my dog Roberto is a silent company, but he gets scared when I yell).

My dad is just like me, although his focus is squarely on soccer. My mom did not like it, but she surely loved my dad, and she would see every game with him. Just for the company.
A few years ago, I gave her an iPad. She loved it. When she passed away, my dad took it.

Thinking about the solitude of watching all those games alone, my brother told him: "Dad, when you watch soccer, turn the iPad on and open Skype. I'll call you, so we can watch the game together".
My brother is a genius. I found myself at home on my dad's couch, with my brother sitting next to me. Virtually. Screaming from the iPad at the referee. It was like having him there. It meant not being alone. That hit me.

Watching TV by yourself is pathetic, I admit it. TV was meant to be social. That's why we invite people over for a big game. Sharing is half of the fun (and even more).

Does it sound familiar?

So far so good, but we want more. As we told you, after the World Series we will launch TOK Football - as requested by some of our users on Twitter - and we are planning and studying a lot of new features to offer.
Don't be shy and give us your feedback (via blog, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes or email): we will examinate every proposal!

And if you don't know our app yet, here is an introduction from Fabrizio...enjoy it!

And now are you ready for Game 2? It is time for Tigers at Giants at 8pmET. Grab your iPads, launch TOK Baseball and have fun! ;-)

* Hey, to be honest we need to remember that even if you love "burp" sound beer is not included.

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