TOK for Oscars is here: enjoy the #TOKExperience and be part of the Academy Awards

Written on 19 February 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

Great news TOK.tvers: we are glad to announce that we launched TOK for Oscars!

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If you have already used TOK Baseball and TOK Football you know what living the TOK Experience means. If not, don’t worry, you are still in time: waiting for the baseball season to start, we decided to open wider and go behind sports.

With TOK for Oscars you can talk to your friends while watching the Academy Awards ceremony and follow in real time what is happening.

You can invite your friends to join you on the couch by sending them an email or through Facebook.

TOK for Oscars has a new feature, which makes it different from TOK Baseball and TOK Football: the content is loaded from a web site. It is the first step towards as a platform, one that allows producers to create content synced to TV events and shows, allowing users to talk while they watch. We are planning to opening the platform to third-parties soon.

We really care about our TOK.tvers, and we do not want you to watch TV alone.

So get ready for the Academy Awards and download the TOK for Oscars from the App Store now.

Spread the voice by inviting your friends and follow us with the hashtag #TOK4Oscars.

And if you have any question, write us at

See you on the red couch...sorry, carpet!

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