goes to Italy with Juventus Live

Written on 22 August 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

With the baseball season still ongoing and TOK Baseball on the store, we can say that being a companion for your sport watching activity is great.
Now it was time to widen our experience to Italy.

Today we launched Juventus Live, the app that extents the TOK experience to soccer.


Users just need to download the app for iPhone and iPad, invite friends (via Facebook, email or address book) and start talking and having fun.

Before, during and after the game, Juventus F.C. fans can enjoy stats and news, while reading the main highlights of the match.

Who wants to remember the emotion of that penalty? With us, you can.
The Social Photo feature lets you take a pic of your favorite moments in your virtual living room with friends. Strike a pose and 3…2…1…click!


So, passionate about soccer? The fun starts here, with Juventus Live!

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