releases 'Social Button', an SDK that makes all sport apps social

Written on 07 October 2014
By: Matteo Balocco

We announced today the release of the TOK Social Button, an SDK that makes all sport apps social, while monetizing through TV-synced advertising. The SDK works as a Social TV layer for all sport apps, enabling any developer to easily integrate the core features in its app.


Clicking on the TOK Social Button inside an app, users will be able to talk to a friend, chat, make fun sounds and take a “social selfie” while watching a game. The SDK comes with ACR technology, to recognize advertising on TV and deliver synced ads on mobile devices, thus allowing new and significant revenue opportunities to marketers.

Starting from TOK Baseball in 2012, the company has launched 17 apps, including the Juventus FC official app, enabling fans worldwide to share the emotion of watching sport in front of the TV. The request by multiple teams and leagues to embed the social layer into their apps, triggered the development of the SDK and the hiring of Jeff Slack, former senior VP of IMG Worldwide and Inter Milan CEO, who recently joined as partner and Executive Vice President.

“The TOK Social Button has a key function: transform any sport app into a Social hub, bringing the emotion of watching sport together to fans of every sport”, said Chief Executive Officer, Fabrizio Capobianco.

Starting today, the TOK Social Button will be available to a group of selected partners. The list includes Juventus FC, Palermo Calcio, Deltatre, Microsoft, XSFN, Sqor, Mondogoal, Stylum and MYagonism.

“Juventus Live has been a great success for our club.” said Federico Palomba, Head of Digital, Marketing and FRM at Juventus FC. “The social layer developed by changed the way many of our fans watch our team play on TV, from Italy to the US, to South America and Indonesia. The viral growth we experienced during the season that just started is significant: in the first month, we have registered more users than the entire last season. 15,000 “social selfies” taken in just one day, gives an idea of the engagement of our app.”

Request for participation in the program should be sent to the following email:


• Palermo Calcio: “Our team has a fan base distributed worldwide, counting over 7M fans. Allowing them to share the emotion of watching games together in front of the TV would mean a lot for the organization”, said Enrico Busto, Marketing Director at U.S. Città di Palermo. “We look forward to integrate the TOK Social Button in our mobile application”.

• Deltatre: “The SDK will be a great addition to our offering, making every sport more enjoyable and social for fans interacting during games on a second screen,” said Carlo De Marchis, Chief Product Officer at Deltatre, a leader in the sport business, always looking at new innovations to engage fans worldwide.

• Microsoft: “As one of our BizSpark startups, we are glad to see the innovation is bringing to the sport market.” said Mario Fontana, Microsoft BizSpark Lead in Italy. “We are looking forward to partnering with them on delivering a full stack, backend and mobile, for many more sport clubs.”

• XSFN: “We are the leader in building and operating mobile fan engagement platforms for sports clubs that enhance and add value to the total experience and relationship with their fans . adds a social layer that will make these fans even more engaged, with a very promising monetization model. We are looking forward to integrating the SDK” - Stewart Mison, CEO at XSFN

• Sqor, Inc: "Sqor, Inc is excited to be one of the select SDK partners.  As innovators in sports technology we are looking forward to integrating SDK across our editorial and social content platform that is focused exclusive on sports.  Our sports specific social platform delivers thousands of engagements between professional athletes and fans daily, and the TOK Social Button will add fuel to our engagement fire. This integration will include our web, and mobile assets” - Brian Wilhite, Founder and CEO of Sqor, Inc.

• Mondogoal: “Daily fantasy is an exploding market. It is social by definition. The TOK Social Button will allow our users to share the emotion of betting on games, trash-talking to their friends while they do it. It is the perfect combination!” – Shergul Arshad, CEO at Mondogoal

• Stylum: “Stylum engages brands with their consumers via technology enabled emotional experiences. The TOK Social Button adds a very interesting layer to the emotion of watching TV with friends. The monetization layer, in particular, is going to enable a completely new revenue stream for us.” – Massimo Cortinovis, CEO at Stylum

MYagonism: “We have always been about developing professional methods and innovative algorithms to improve teams and players potential. Adding a social layer to it, with a clear monetization path, is going to make our offering even better.” – Paolo Raineri, CEO at MYagonism


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