#TOKinterviews: Chuck Parker from Second Screen Society

Written on 21 January 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

Hi TOK.tvers!

Did you watch the games  yesterday? If you missed them, you can find some TOK Football screenshots we took here.
While, indeed, more and more people use our app to talk while watching TV, our research and dialogue about second screen is ongoing.

That is why today we are very proud to start our #TOKinterviews with Chuck Parker, Chairman at Second Screen Society and Digital Media Executive at Digital Video Space Consulting.

Chuck is a Social TV expert and Second Screen Society has a central role in spreading and defining research around this field.
For example, as mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Second Screen Society recently published interesting data about video consumption.

Enjoy this interview and let us know your opinion!

1)  "Second screen" seems to be a stronger word than "Social TV": what do you think about it?

I believe that Social (To Share) is one of 4 major segments of consumer activity around second screen. The other 3 are To Control (Simple), To Discover (Seamless Discovery), and To Enhance (Stimulate). In my blog, I often describe the 5 major feature sets (2 of which are related to discovery).
But yes, there is more to TV than just sharing (socially), but of course, that is a big component, and perhaps the most important part of being social starts in the living room (as we proved in your app test, speaking to one another during the game). [A/N we tried TOK Football with Chuck during Ravens at Patriots on January 20th]
You can find all of these terms define in our Lexicon.

2) Second screen, business and monetization: which is the possibile scenario?
In a research report we published at CES on January 7th, we set out that the current second screen market is about $490m and we expect it to grow to $5.9B by 2017.

second screen app segmentation and leaders

3) Which is the best example of second screen platform or strategy so far?

There are many successful examples, but we need to agree what success is first. In terms of total subscribers, certainly zeebox, Viggle, and major network apps are making real progress. In consumer experience, zeebox is a again strong, but so are NextGuide and BuddyTV for Discovery where apps like Xbox SmartGlass is great for Enhancing your viewing experience.

We look at segment leaders in the report—perhaps that is the way to think about it. Create a compelling consumer experience—then figure out how to monetize it.


4) How do you imagine the future of second screen?

The change in the consumer behavior in the living room isn’t the result of any clever person in our industry, but the result of a large penetration of tablets and smartphones in consumers’ homes. That trend will continue to explode, and therefore second screen will change the way people watch TV.
The real question for everyone in the ecosystem: Is this a threat or opportunity? Or more aptly put, how do you make second screen your opportunity?

Thank you so much Chuck!

I guess there is still a lot to consider and the path could still find new ways to expand.

Do you have any further question? Mention @toktvus or use the hashtag #TOKinterviews.

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