#TOKtvDigest: Facebook and #SocialTV, searching for the right timing?

Written on 14 February 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

With Twitter investing in analytics and Social TV (with a Nielsen partnership before, and by acquiring Bluefin labs last week) Facebook seems to be a sort of lost Cinderella who missed her chance to go to the ball.

Is it so? Some weeks ago, with the release of Search Graph,  Cory Bergman on Lost Remote quoted the study from eMarketer, which demonstrated the importance of Facebook in discovering new programs and influence consumers’ choice.

This seems the right way if it is true what Dan Rose – VP of Partnerships at Facebook – said some days ago at the Dive into Media Conference. He also underlined the importance of Instagram.

It looks like there is a lot of potential here nevertheless Facebook does not seem to understand its direction.

MLB Network

In the meanwhile The Grammys gained a lot of attention on Twitter with 29% tweets more than 2012.

Talking about apps, GetGlue is trying to reinvent itself, while Sky UK launched second screen voting for Got To Dance.
This week Zeebox launched SpotSynch to offer coordinated TV commercials and digital ads.

And if you are searching for a very good list of second screen marketing case studies, check out this one from the Guardian.

Waiting for our brand new TOK Baseball app, enjoy this experiment from MLB Network and Intentional Talk.

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