#TOKtvDigest: new platforms, Facebook's Search Graph and #secondscreen rumors

Written on 19 January 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

A couple of days ago we talked about the Academy Awards and Twitter's monitoring strategies.

In the meantime, Monterosa launched the first end-to-end second screen broadcast platform - LViS Studio platform - to  create and deploy apps. This means that the whole process is made easier and convenient to broadcasters: it should hopefully lead to a wider diffusion of second screen apps.

Brian Solis wrote about the relation between search and second screen, while - according to Matt Ramella from Social TV Digest - Facebook's Graph Search can constitutes an interesting tool to search and discover new TV contents: what about the future of Social TV guides? I guess there is a lot to think about.


Yesterday a second screen rumor gained attention (see this Ryan Lawler article on TechCruch): it looks like Dijit and Miso are going to merge, which would be quite interesting after the failed marriage between GetGlue and Viggle. Let's see if it is confirmed and upon which conditions.

Sports had their part too this week: Mobobivo offered an interactive sport experience enhanced by Civolution's SyncNow Automatic Content Recognition and - as announced by Lost Remote's Natan Edelsburg - Viggle and Dan Marino launched second screen app for NFL game.

Talking about the NFL, don't forget this weekend's conference championships: 49ers, Falcons, Ravens and Patriots are on their way to the SuperBowl.

Do you want to have more fun watching the game with a friend? Download TOK Football on the App Store and enjoy the #TOKExperience.

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