The big game is three days away. Just three, finally.

You must have noticed all the movement around it and a recent research from Century 21 discovered that 36% of Americans is going to use second screen while watching the game, most of them at home.


First of all, we are glad of it! With the big game second screen is going mainstream: and this is our game, so we are ready to play it and to give people home alone the possibility to have fun during the game with their friends.

How? With TOK Football, of course. As we announced, it has been featured among Super Bowl top apps by Dara Kerr on CNET.
With three days left you should begin to download it and be ready for Sunday!

Super Bowl is also synonym of advertising: according to Eileen Brown from ZDNet it increases spending in adv and second screen usage. ADWeek estimated that CBS is going to spend between $10 million and $12 million for second screen.

Talking about ads, engagement and second screen are THE keywords. Releasing ads before the game can “viralize” contents, as explained by Cory Bergman in Lost Remote’s post “What happens when everyone debuts their Super Bowl commercials before the game?”.

The dogs are part of the game too: give a look at what Purina and the Westminster Kennel Dog Show did with Social TV.

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