#TOKtvDigest: the #SuperBowl effect, #TOKFootball data and #SocialTV acquisitions

Written on 05 February 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

Super Bowl XLVII will be remembered not just for Ravens victory, but for power outage too.

During the blackout some (genius) brands were able to transform that moment is an advertising opportunity: Oreo, Tide, Calvin Klein, Audi - only to mention some of them (you can find more in this Lost Remote post) - used Twitter as a platform to increase their visibility and reputation.
At almost-zero cost. Which is impressive considering how much a Super Bowl TV adv space costs and how many impressions these tweets delivered.
As written by VentureBeatTwitter was mentioned in 50% of Super Bowl ads, Facebook in 8% and Google+ in 0%.


Actually the power outage was a great second screen moment: all the apps recorded a use increase.

As reported by our CEO Fabrizio Capobianco on its blog, during the Big Game TOK Football recorded a peak of active users and new downloads.
We also tracked sounds usage from Wild Card to Super Bowl, discovering that "burp" and "defense" were your favorite ones (Fabrizio has a couple of theories about that...).

noisesSocial conversations numbers for this year's Super Bowl are incredible: according to Bluefin Labs, Twitter accounted for 27.7M, public Facebook accounted for 2.8M and GetGlue checkins added 108K.


Talking about Bluefin Labs, the Social TV analytics company is at the center of a very interesting rumour since yesterday.

According to Business Insider, Bluefin Labs has been bought by Twitter for a price "between $50 and $100 million (or higher)".
This means that Twitter is going to invest even more in Social TV area, finally making out business from users' habit to comment TV shows on its microblogging platform.
Say goodbye to Social TV conversations, Facebook!

Last week there was another interesting acquisition: Dijit acquired Miso.

It looks like there is a sort of natural selection in Social TV area. Interest is increasing and it makes even clearer that Social TV and Second Screen are not fads.

Good for us.

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