#TOKtvDigest: #TOKBaseball is coming to iPhone and more news on second screen

Written on 05 June 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

“TOK Baseball is more a couch app, than a mobile app”.


This is one of the takeaways of our CEO Fabrizio Capobianco’s speech at Sports Social TV Summit last week in Las Vegas.
During the event he also gave some updates about TOK Baseball: with more than 30,000 download and people talking for 24 minutes on average, the app shows to have a high engagement, confirmed by the fact that users return to use it on a daily basis.

Moreover, as we announced, we are going to launch the TOK Social Photos feature during the next few weeks and – great news! – we are launching an iPhone version too.
We would do anything to let you stay home relaxed enjoying your favorite game!

foto 2

Last stats claim that tablets are “domestic devices” and people love to use them especially at home. According to Gigaom – which anticipated some of the results that will be presented during the upcoming Audience Measurement Conference -  82% of TV watching on tablets happens when at home.

Choosing the right thing to watch is not that easy, though, as demonstrated by the high number of Social TV guides born during these years.
While Matcha disappeared, CBS has recently acquired TV Guide and Dijit launched Next Guide, the “hyper-personalized guide for streaming and live TV”.

Investing in TV seems to be the right path to chose, at least according to Apple’s Tim Cook, who said that they are still working on Apple TV, aiming to create something completely new. “There is a grand vision”, he said at D11.
Twitter is working on TV too, and after signing a partnership with NBA, its CEO Costolo declared that they are “heavily investing in TV”.
Original content is instead the core of Netflix’s strategy: they planned to invest 15% of their licensing budget on original production, after the great success of series like House of Cards (we talked about its distribution strategy and the second screen potential on this blog) and Hemlock Grove.

By the way, simplification and monetization seem to be the keywords to understand the future of second screen.
While there are many possibilities for broadcasters and producers to engage with audiences and enrich their watching experience, second screen platforms needs to be simpler to survive, according to the Guardian.

Quoting MLB.com’s Bob Bowman, “reality is the second screen” (and 85% of MLB.com’s revenues come from Apple devices).

Social TV ecosystem is quickly changing. To keep updated follow us here and on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and if you want to meet us in person, just save these dates and come visit us and our CEO Fabrizio Capobianco, who is speaking at these great events:

Keep having fun with TOK Baseball!

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