Twitter to play an active role in audiovisual production

Written on 06 August 2012
By: Emanuela Zaccone

While events such as Olymic games and Curiosity landing on mars, monopolize the Twitter stream and comments of hundreds of viewers, there is a single question to be answered: can Twitter be a player in audiovisual production, or it is condemned to be a place to interact with actors, movies etc. and collect tweets around them?

In the past Twitter has been an inspiration and support to audiviosual production: just think of S#*t! My Dad Says and Comedy Central roasts.

But how can Twitter assume an active role?

Here is the before-holiday-story of this Summer.
Some weeks ago - as reported by ADWeek - the news of Twitter and MTV being partners to produce a series, constructed via Twitter and streamed on it, woke up those of us waiting for Twitter to play a significant role.

What does this mean?
Twitter could dedicate a page to the show, and offer the streaming and the advertising connected to it.
This would disclose a new and interesting potential of the platform, that could be adapted, for example, for sport events.

I guess the Olympic experience could give some new ideas to Twitter and more sense to its connection with TV shows.

This should be the natural evolution Twitter: let's see what happens after Summer.

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