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Written on 15 April 2013
By: Fabrizio Capobianco

TOK.tv Java Back-end Developer

Do you have a passion for sports? Do you like watching sports on TV and you wish you could talk to friends around the world, and yell at the referee together? If not, forget it. If the answer is yes, maybe this job is for you.

We are looking at the best Java back-end developer in Italy, to work on the most exciting product coming out of Silicon Valley.

Right now, we need a freelancer, but the goal is to move this position to full-time by the end of the summer (either in Italy or in Silicon Valley).

- Sports fan, likes TV
- Java backend developer, experienced and autonomous (no training provided, we are a startup...)
- Long experience with mySQL
- Proven ability to write code for massive deployments (we are talking millions of users...)
- Knowledge of XML, JSON, REST, Web Protocols and the works
- Knowledge of GitHub and related tools
- Willingness to work from home, and relocate to Silicon Valley if needed
- Good English spoken and written
- XMPP knowledge a plus
- AWS deployment experience a plus

If you are the guy or gal we are looking for, please contact us at jobs@tok.tv


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