Welcome TOK Football!

Written on 04 January 2013
By: Emanuela Zaccone

We announced it some months ago and now TOK Football is here!

We are glad to announce that today we launched our brand new voice enabled second screen iPad app. You can download it from the App Store  and, this time, it is available worldwide (not just in the US).

You will not have to watch games alone anymore: talk to your friends and enjoy the experience of watching TV together even if you are far way.

Moreover, we have great news: you can now authenticate and invite your friends also via Facebook!


During 2012, our users spent on average 57 minutes talking during games with TOK Baseball. In 2013, Second Screen is going to be a top tech trend. TOK Football is our second step in this direction: enjoy it!

You can find our press release here and hi-res pics on our Flickr account.

Any feedback on the app is welcome, so don't hesitate to write us at social@tok.tv or get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and G+.

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