We’re Throwing Out the ‘First Pitch’ with Public Debut of TOK Baseball

Written on 01 April 2013
By: Fabrizio Capobianco

Last October, we began testing TOK.tv during the baseball postseason with TOK Baseball – the first iPad app that allows fans to watch a game on TV while simultaneously talking to friends who are also tuned in.

As a huge baseball fan myself, I wanted the experience of having my friends & family over to watch the game, even when they live far away. With TOK Baseball, I’m able to go beyond tweeting or texting with them through voice chat – it lets us watch the game together as if we were all in the same living room. The experience gets even better with a real-time scoreboard for checking on player stats and info on all the games, just a swipe away.

We learned a lot from this initial phase, most notably that users are spending a lot of time within the app – 57 minutes on average. This is a pretty significant number given that a recent study reported that the average session on mobile applications is less than two minutes.

In January, we ran a second test, during the football postseason. We saw 50% of TOK Baseball users move to TOK Football; and after adding Facebook integration the friendship numbers ballooned from one to eight on average. Then in February, we ran our last test during Oscar night and saw four times the number of users we had during Super Bowl. This proved to us that the model works beyond sports – that demand for the real-time watercooler experience is universal across all forms of entertainment.

Now the testing phase is over and we’re ready to bring the TOK experience to everyone. Today we're excited to announce the public launch of TOK Baseball, now available for download in the App Store. We’ve added some new features that our early users will notice including:

- Facebook integration for faster and easier login and friend invite
- Game preview with probable pitchers and lineup
- Game recap with box
- Stats for all players with a nice way to flip through the cards (it looks pretty cool)

We’ve also just completed our Angel round of funding with a $400K investment from a phenomenal group of individuals covering the mobile, TV and advertising space.

It’s a thrilling time for TOK.tv – with a pipeline full of incredibly cool new features and a lineup of new apps (yes, we’ll be adding soccer and basketball soon!) – and we believe the sky is the limit.

We hope you stay tuned!


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