When a garden of growing talents meets a startup focused on enhancing sport passion on the second screen, it is time to play the game and make the World Cup experience even more social.

In the first week since we launched our World Cup apps, more than 12k people used them to talk to their friends, taking Social Selfies and read the stats about the games.

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How did this idea born? How are we changing the ecosystem of sport on the second screen?

Discover our journey with TOK.tv CEO Fabrizio Capobianco tomorrow at TAG Milan and follow the game with us.

Starting at 5.30 pm Fabrizio will hold the speech “Conquistare il Mondiale un’app alla volta: dalla Silicon Valley a TOK Italia” (sorry it’ll be in Italian!). Startuppers, sport fans and Azzurri supporters (but also Uruguayan ones!) are more than welcome!

Can’t be there? Don’t worry, just follow the hashtags #TAGandPlay and #TOKItalia and of course call us on TOK Italia!